Trees Ontario: the forest restoration arm of Forests Ontario

As announced at the 65th Annual Ontario Forestry Association (OFA) Conference on Feb. 21, 2014, the OFA and Trees Ontario, two not-for-profits, officially merged and are now operating under the newly created Forests Ontario, an organization dedicated to the renewal and stewardship of Ontario's forests.

Trees Ontario will continue as the forest restoration arm of Forests Ontario, focusing on building and enhancing Ontario's tree planting capacity and delivering our forest restoration programs.

Forests Ontario will continue to offer a broad suite of programs and services as well as create a stronger public presence advocating for abundant, healthy and sustainable forests.

Visit the Forests Ontario website: Forests Ontario

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October 6, 2014  Forty students and their teachers from eight southern Ontario high schools will take part in a three-day field course focused on sustainable forest management in Algonquin Park.

September 27, 2014  For the third year in a row, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) joined Forests Ontario at the Toronto Zoo for an employee tree plant

September 24, 2014  Community members join Forests Ontario, Michael's Hair Body Mind, and Credit Valley Conservation to restore forest cover damaged by the Emerald Ash Borer

September 20, 2014  Ontario Tree Seed Plant Hosts Forests Ontario's Annual General Meeting

September 19, 2014  Trees Ontario and its 80+ partners are encouraging landowners to consider forest restoration